My name is Alisha Vincent and I am a breeder of quality German Shepherds located in northern Wisconsin. I fell in love with the GSD for their beauty but grew to love them for their loyalty, nerves, ability to judge character and decipher a threat, and their desire to please their master.

I have been breeding German Shepherds since 2016. I started with basic knowledge of the hobby and breeding pet quality dogs from mixed lines. Since then, I have learned so much thanks to sleepless nights of research and breeder mentors. I continue to learn and refine my breeding program so I can improve the breed and provide my customers with an outstanding example of exactly what a German Shepherd Dog should be. 

I breed West German Showlines, known for their larger structure and black and red color. I strive to produce dogs that are intelligent, confident and beautiful, with strong nerves and stable temperments. I put every effort into the puppies I produce to make sure they are healthy and get the best start in life.

Please take a look around my website and enjoy my beautiful dogs. To contact me, please fill out the form under the Contact Us tab or send me a text or call at (715)291-9478. Thanks for visiting! Have a blessed day!

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In God We Trust