Dog Foods We Recommend

We feed our dogs a variety of different brands in order to ensure they get a healthy, nutritious diet that they don’t get bored with. We find that “mixing” foods and/or rotating different brands daily helps eliminate runny stools and seasonal itchy skin.

If your interested in mixing/rotating foods, we highly suggest you check with your vet before mixing or rotating foods and only do so with dogs 4 months or older. Younger dogs and puppies, sick or old dogs should be fed a consistent diet to prevent upset stomachs. 

These are the foods we feed and use on rotation with our adult dogs. Our puppies are fed one food only but we may use a different food per litter. 

Whether you plan to feed one food constantly or rotate/mix foods, here are the brands we use and recommend. Each dog food we included on this list has many variations and age stages available, all of which we recommend. Be sure to feed the right dog food for your dog’s life stage. 

Merrick (All varieties, but our dogs and puppies especially love Backcountry varieties!)


Taste of the Wild

Blue Buffalo

Wellness & Wellness Core



The foods/supplements below we use for sick dogs or picky eaters that need a little something extra to put weight on. We don’t feed them long term. 

Instinct Raw Longevity patties

Miracle Pet Weight Gain Liquid


Supplements We Use and Recommend

We give our dogs and puppies Nuvet Plus and Nuvet Joint. Together they keep our dogs immune systems in top shape and help prevent hip and joint issues. 

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND all of our buyers purchase Nuvet Plus before bringing home their puppy. Puppies go through so many new changes when they go to their new homes and many times the stress alone can cause their immune systems to weaken. NuVet helps their immune systems stay strong. 

Click the link below to order some for your new puppy or even start your dog’s at home on this amazing product!


Treats & People Food We Use and Recommend 

We don’t give store bought treats to our dogs very often but use them for training. Our dogs prefer people food. Below we list treats that we give as well as safe human foods we commonly give our dogs!

Merrick Power bites

Wholesome Sweet Potato chews

Eggs (raw, boiled, & scrambled)

Poultry (raw: meat and bones, cooked: meat only NO COOKED BONES!)

Raw red meat

Organ meat


Sweet potatoes

Pure pumpkin



Green beans


Apples (no core)






Plain oatmeal