NOTE: Baron is pending right now and not officially owned by this breeder. Any use of Baron is unavailable until ownership has been transfered.

Liburnium Baron von Streuben
Sire: TK’s New Yorker
Dam: Dea Fire Attack 86
Hips: FCI A – Elbows FCI 0 – JLPP Clear

Pedigree of “Baron”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
TK’s New Yorker

Dzomba von Haus Drazic

CH Arlos Majestic Rott

Felicita Terezsky Dvur


TK’s Black Mercedes

CH Uzi Flash Rouse

CH Honda Black Allusion

Dea Fire Attack 86

Vico von der Maxi Rott

CH Nick von der Maxo Rott

CH Alis Zara Cro Rott

Shakira Mumlek

Genworks Hamlet

CH Angelina Vravolu